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    Posted on May 17, 2013 by in Articles, CLASS, Clicker, Training, Uncategorized


    Part of being a professional dog trainer is continuing to educate yourself on more techniques, strategies and studies from other training professionals. I read many articles that I believe my clients and really, all dog owners could benefit from reading as well. As I come across these training articles I am going to post them here so I am able to share them with my clients, friends, colleagues or just those who happen upon my site. These articles will hopefully cause you to think, rethink, excite or inspire you in some way.

    I also feel it is beneficial to all dog owners to have access to training steps and tips. For this reason I wanted to include training “How To’s” on my site. Here you’ll find tips and training steps on some of my favorite and sometimes most useful behaviors to train your dog. As you read these if you have any questions please contact me or your local positive reinforcement trainer.

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