~Thank you all very much for the kind words!  Positive reinforcement not only works on our four-legged friends but on us too!

I’ve never met a dog trainer with as much patience, experience, and god given talent as Mandy had. As the owner of a reactive dog I had been through a gauntlet of trainers and training styles, trying everything from pinch collars to a doggie psychic (yes I was that desperate) to find someone who could help me get my Shepperd under control.
In a last ditch effort to save my baby from going up from adoption after he body slammed the postman I found Mandy and started her method of counter conditioning.
Mandy had so much patience with Tucker and I and she had so much knowledge of body language, learning theory and all the “tricks” of the trade that my husband and I couldn’t help but be excited about training our dog again.
She made training fun for us and for tucker and worked through a ton of tuckers “issues” many of which we were unknowingly causing.

Mandy used positive training and counter conditioning to show tucker that the world wasn’t as scary as he thought and reassurance and grace to teach us how to solve his many many mysteries.

We have since adopted a second dog (something we could have never done with Tucker before we met Mandy) Tucker is happy healthy and above all a calm and predictable member of our family and Rookie(the puppy) has just been certified as a therapy dog. I owe it all to the talents of Mandy and Jumpin Jax dog training.

~Katie S.

Benny-Private-Dog-Training-LessonsMy wife and I adopted our dog from the SPCA and he had strong anxiety issues. With our dog having no prior training Mandy was able to get him very comfortable interacting with humans and very competent with many important dog commands.  We were pleasantly surprised how much he learned in such a short period of time. Mandy was very thorough and clear with her explanations and training techniques. She was always available to answer any of our questions even outside of our training sessions. She was very kind and her demeanor made it easy for everyone to interact and accomplish our goals. I highly recommend Mandy and Jumpin Jax Dog Training.

CG, Carmel, CA


Jumpin’ Jax Dog Training has been one of the best experiences we’ve enjoyed with our dog, Luke, since adopting Luke-Dog-Training-At-The-Beach-Carmel-Montereyhim from AFRP in Pacific Grove. Both my husband and I felt comfortable with Mandy instantly and appreciated her positive training methods. We looked forward to the time spent learning recall with Luke and gathered so much useful information during each session. We are hoping to sign up for some of the group classes Mandy is planning for this year. We would highly recommend Mandy and Jumpin’ Jax to anyone needing help with dog training or behavior issues.

–Bob and Sue Wecker



I can’t praise Mandy enough! She is the best dog trainer I have ever worked with, and she taught us well. My little minpin NEVER
would lay down or stay before training with her. She tried several approaches with him until she found a method he responded to.

I recommend Jumpin’ Jax Dog Training to anyone – even if your dog is trained. She has programs and methods to help dogs of any training level.

~Erica L


Thanks to Mandy, you can “teach an old dog new tricks”. Our 9 year old Doxie was in desperate need of leash and door training before heading overseas. She was able to teach us both how to manage each situation that came up. Mandy is knowledgeable and patient.  Her love for animals is obvious and Rascal and I both enjoy working with her. We look forward to continuing our training until we leave the area in June.

~Rebecca M

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